Green Ways to Keep Away the Blues

The third Monday in January is said to be the most depressing day of the year. So what causes this? I’ve explored a couple options and solutions below! If you’re feeling a little extra down this coming week, try out some these green ways to keep away the blues!

Lack of Sunlight

This definitely gets me! Leaving for work in the dark and coming home from work in the dark is enough to make anyone feel blue. Try going for a walk at your lunch hour! Get some excessive, fresh air and a blast of vitamin D. It’s also a good idea to take some Vitamin D tablets in the winter, as a lack of this vitamin can have you feeling depressed.

Lack of Exercise/Fresh Air

It’s easy to get into a habit of coming home from work and snuggling up in a warm blanket in front of the TV. Not a bad way to spend the odd evening, but too much can have you feeling bored and blue. In addition to going out at your lunch hour, make sure you’re getting outside on the weekends instead of staying cooped up. A walk outside will do you much better than a dark basement gym! Check here for some fun and inexpensive outdoor winter activities!

Food isn’t Fresh and Satisfying

Nothing grows in the winter around here, right? Well greenhouses have in season veggies all year round so that you can swap that canned food for fresh. There is something about fresh food that can lift spirits, and it can be hard to by for a good price in the middle of winter. Check out what veggies are in season and hit up your local farmers market! Browsing isles of fresh produce will take away the winter blues in an instance!

Not Keeping up with your New Years Resolutions

Three weeks from New Years, and maybe you haven’t been keeping up with your goals as well as you’d hoped. Goals don’t need to be set in stone, and you still have time to re-evaluate and re-focus. Was your goal too broad or too specific? Try readjusting it to fit you better. You can also see if a friend is willing to work at a goal alongside you. Did you try and Green Resolutions? Let me know how you’re doing!

Too Much Snow

Visit some local green places, like a botanical garden or farmers market. A plant for your house will also do the trick, and will bring some fresh oxygen to your rooms in the stale winter.


Get outside, get some exercise and eat healthy… No one has ever said that before. But it can really help you get through the winter blues and back to the green spring. Try out some of these ways to bring some green to your winter. I hope it helps!

Get Outdoors This Winter!

It is gorgeous outside right now; I love chinooks! Now is the time to stop hibernating; turn off the tv, turn off the computer, and get outside to enjoy nature!

Not sure what to do outside in winter? Here’s some good local places where you can get in touch with nature; without having to own or rent expensive equipment:

1) Inner City Parks

Going for a hike in the city is easy to add into your busy day, costs nothing, and is a great way to shut off your electronics and get outside. Inner-city trails usually have plenty of traffic, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with too much snow. Fido loves it too!

2) Go to the Zoo

Lots of major cities have a zoo or other similar outdoor venue. The zoo is a great place to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the busy city. Minor cost here, but your money is going toward the animals and conservation efforts. And you can see animals!

3) Botanical Gardens

Okay, maybe it starts getting really cold, but you’re still looking to get in touch nature. Grab a book and go hang out at a botanical garden. Some bright green can be the perfect cure for winter blues!

4) Find a Hill and Grab a Toboggan 

Grabs some friends or family and spend some time on the hill; no expensive skis required! Top it off with some hot chocolate after!


I’m sure there are plenty more ways to have some Eco-friendly, electronic-less fun this winter, without staying cooped up in your house. Have some more inexpensive ways to get outdoors? Share them below!