Planning an Eco-Wedding

Been completely MIA lately, but I’ve been busy planning my wedding! Throughout my planning, there have been a bunch of instances where I’ve either been able to find an eco-friendly option or wish a better option was available. Any other eco-brides/grooms out there? Hopefully these few tips can help!

  1. Venue – This should be one of your first steps in planning your wedding and one of the most important. An eco-venue could be one that has great recycling/composting, powered by renewables, or low water/energy use. The best eco-venue of course, is the outdoors! With our wedding so close to winter, we wanted a safe indoor option, but outdoors is perfect in the summer. An outdoor venue has free lighting, free air conditioning and you can usually save on decorations!
  2. Food – Unfortunately, we realised too late that all the extra food from our wedding has to get throw away due to their policy. Make sure to ask your venue about this in the planning stages. If the food can be donated, or packed into doggy bags, that’s a lot of saved food waste. In addition, the buffet option is usually better than plated as guests can choose to grab only the amount of food they’ll eat. You’ll get a lot less food waste that way.
  3. Decorations – Importing out-of-season flowers costs of lot of resources and you’ll usually end of paying for it. Try local flowers or wildflowers that you can harvest yourself. If you’re going the fake route, opt for paper/fabric decorations instead of plastic for a more eco-friendly option.
  4. Apparel – Renting over buying, simple as that! Clothing that gets reused again is a much more sustainable option that clothing that’s just going to sit in your closet after the big day. Also look for clothing that is made with natural fabrics and produced/designed more locally to avoid unnecessary transportation.
  5. Favours – Importing hundreds of trinkets is not only bad for the environment, but they’re also not as special. Try making your wedding favours or getting something locally. Cool ideas right now include tea/coffee, jams, candles, succulents, snack bags, and mini wine bottles (local of course!). Your guests will love receiving a homemade gift from you that they can actually use!

All-in-all, you can have a eco-friendly wedding by following these simple guidelines:

  • Buy locally
  • Opt for natural materials
  • Make or rent, instead of buy
  • Watch out for waste

Got any other tips to share? I’d love to hear them! Happy Wedding planning!!