Stop Invasive Species – Start Local Gardening!

Invasive species, or weeds, are plants that are not native to a certain region and can serious ecological damage. Unfortunately, a lot of these plants are introduced as ornamental flowers due to them being pretty. It’s easy for these species to move from the garden to our natural regions and interfere with native plants.

The first step: Identification! A lot of weeds are actually sold in greenhouses, so it’s up to you to make sure you aren’t helping them spread!

Here are a few common invasive species in Alberta to keep an eye out for!

Each area usually has a list of invasive plants to watch out for, so check with your city and help stop their spread!

The best thing you can do when planning your garden is to incorporate native species! Plants native to your area aren’t going to harm other species and usually have a special resilience to the climate. Here are some great garden plants native to Alberta (bonus: they’re also really pretty!):


Weeds from Alberta Invasive Plant Identification Guide
Native Plant Photos from Sunnyside Greenhouse