Catching the Sun

I tend to put documentaries into two categories – ones that make me feel bad about humanity, my contribution, etc. or ones that inspire me or make me feel good. It’s kinda silly, but I guess I’m just emotional like that! So here’s an inspirational one!

I have to give it to Netflix for all the amazing documentaries they available to watch, and tonnes of them are related to the environment! My List is always full of new documentaries to watch and this weekend I got around to watching “Catching the Sun“.

We are far from perfect when it comes to implementing sustainable, renewable energies in our cities and homes, but the trend is starting! I feel like, since the Paris Agreement especially, I’ve been reading more and more about people and cities adopting renewable energy in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases and slow down climate change. Like I said, it’s taken a while, and will take a lot longer, but its starting! And that is inspirational.

This documentary really showcased the start-up companies that are getting their foot in the door and making things happen, against all of the push back of oil-loving society. All they require is the demand! So go ahead, get solar panels, or write your local government or any major corporation and let them know how much this means to you. We still live in a supply and demand society, so let’s get demanding!

If you’re like me and can’t afford to outfit your whole home in solar panels just yet, you can still make a difference by reducing your power consumption and therefore reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.Every little bit counts!

Got a favourite eco-documentary? I want to hear about it!


Chasing Something

If you’ve never watched the documentary Chasing Ice before, I highly recommend it. Seriously, it’s on Netflix, go watch it.

Chasing Ice is a photographers documentary on tracking the recession of glaciers. He creates a time lapse of photos that span only a few years, but show a profound change. It can be hard to imagine climate change when you can’t directly see the changes, which is why this film is so powerful. Seriously, Netflix, now.

On one end it is extremely depressing, and in fact I actually want to cry when I watch it. It hurts to watch something like this and not know what I can do to help. So on the other end of things, in that regard, it is inspiring. I have not found my purpose in life yet, my defining solution for making the world a better place, but I’m inspired to keep looking for it.

So what more can I, and we, do to make this world a better place? I don’t have the answer. Believe me, I wish I did! I have to hope that ever piece of the land I clean up at work, and every piece of plastic I divert from the landfill at home, makes a difference. That hopefully if we, together, make enough small and meaningful efforts, that we will see change for the better on a global scale.