Cleaning up our Environment, One Shoreline at a Time

This Earth Day I set up a Shoreline Cleanup through the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and it was a spectacular success! If you’ve never heard of the event before, I highly recommend checking it out. Events are available all over Canada and you can either join a public cleanup or coordinate your own event.

The event was a success in that we cleaned up bags of garbage from the shoreline of the Bow River, but also as a personal success. There are times I don’t feel like I do enough “on the ground” environmental work, which is actually funny since I work on the ground in the environmental industry. But literally picking up garbage from shoreline makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and really gives me the sense that I’m contributing to the health of our Earth.

In total, we removed 3 large bags of garbage! The most common items were cigarette butts, food wrappers and little bits of plastic. When you look at the common garbage that winds up in our rivers, its plain to see that humanity has a dependence on plastics and convenience items.

So if you’re ever struggling like me and not feeling like you do enough for our planet, just step back and think of all that you do in fact do. Every time you “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”, you are keeping garbage out of our landfills and out of our natural areas. Every time you pick up a piece of garbage from the sidewalk or opt for low waste packaging, you are making a real difference in our world. Together, lets just focus on taking these small steps toward eco-friendly living and over time, you will see a difference!

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