Happy Earth Month!

On April 22, 2016, we celebrate Earth Day and it’s 25th anniversary! This April, let’s celebrate Earth Month and pledge to live more environmental friendly.

EarthDay.ca has a wonderful event planned this year with their #ROOTING4TREES campaign. You can visit their website and pledge money to plant trees, either in spirit or by physically signing up to plant a tree in one of our major cities.

Planting trees is an excellent way to combat climate change as trees literally suck carbon dioxide out of the air and exhale oxygen. Forests are the lungs of our planet and I’m so excited for this event to shine some light on their importance.

If you can muster the money, or want to get your hands dirty, let’s celebrate our beautiful country this Earth Day and grow our wonderful forests ❤


3 thoughts on “Happy Earth Month!

  1. excellent idea. are you following any of Paul Stamets work with mushrooms and reforestation? the man is a real myth and inspiring character. Thanks for doing a great part in building the lungs of the planet, for OUR grandkids sake! thanks my friend, momentummikey 🙂

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      1. youtube is such a great resource for watching inspiring and the latest information! what a neural network we have available to us! have a great weekend and thanks for stopping for a minute or two. be well.


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