Eat Locally!

Between the low Canadian dollar and droughts, now is the best time to start looking at buying locally! When you buy local food, you not only pay less, but you’re helping the environment. Every head of cauliflower that makes its way up here in the dead of winter comes at the expense of a lot of fuel.

The Government of Alberta actually keeps this wonderful availability chart to show which Alberta grown crops are most available in any given month. If you’re buying something in the supermarket which isn’t showing “Available”, that means its getting shipped here. Click the image below for the full chart!

When we stuck to this chart on our last grocery trip, we noticed a $20 reduction in our grocery bill!

Not from Alberta? Your own province might have something similar! Look around on your government websites. Taking a trip to your local food market is also a great way to judge what is grown locally in your area, and is a great way to support local farmers!

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