Power Savings Tips for your Home

Do you look at your monthly electricity bill and cry a little bit on the inside (or outside, I won’t judge)?

Canada can be a brutal place for high electricity bills, and utility bills in general. Here are a few little tips to help keep your electricity bill down, especially during these winter months!

1) Have a computer? Make sure you turn it off at night!
My fiancée and I are computer gamers, so the computers are on constantly on and running hot! Turning your computer off at night not only helps it run better, but is 8 hours less on your electricity bill.

2) Turn off “Keep Warm” on your coffee/tea maker!
I know how tempting it is to have a hot cup of tea just waiting for you, but having your machine keep your beverages hot can suck a lot of power! Invest in a really good to-go mug to use around your house so warmth is always at your finger tips!

3) Avoid using an electric heater!
I’ve got a love/hate with electric heaters… Yes, they keep the immediate vicinity warm, but I’m always scared I’m going to leave it on accidentally! If you’re feeling cold around your house, try shutting the vents in rooms you don’t go in to. Blankets are also awesome; add one to your couch, your office chair, two to your bed! Got a pet, lure it to your lap!

4) Swap television for a book!
It’s winter, and all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a movie. I admit, I’m really bad for it too! If you’re in a lazy mood, grab a book instead of the remote and pair it with a nice cup of hot tea!

5) Turn off your lights!
Yea yea, this one is pretty straightforward! In the winter, it’s feels nice to have the lights on to make up for it being dark at 5 pm. When you leave a room, try to remember to turn off the lights. If you’re in the living room reading a book, you don’t need the kitchen and bedroom lights on!


That’s all for now! Every little bit helps and the more energy savings tips you practice, the bigger decrease you’ll see in your energy bill. Got some tips to share? Share them in the comments!

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